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Low cost – Unlike many bank GIC’s or mutual funds, you only need a minimum contribution to join our Group RRSP. The more you can save the longer you can do so, the bigger your retirement income willl be.

Save Taxes – All RRSP contributions reduce the income tax you pay. Investment earnings grow tax-free until you withdraw them.

Immediate Tax Relief – An $80 contribution only costs you $48 off your next pay (assuming a 40% tax bracket) because you get your tax break when each contribution is made.

Payroll Deduction – Your contribution is deducted from your pay cheque before you have a chance to spend it somewhere else. This can be a painless way to save.

No Front or Back End Loads – There are no fees charged for moving assets from one investment manager to another. There are no hidden administration costs – the investment management fees you pay are contractually agreed upon.

Access to Competitive Investment Options – The program offers market-related funds managed by some of the industry’s top investment managers. The built-in fund management fees are usually much lower than what you would pay yourself.

Contribute on Behalf of your Spouse – If you and your spouse’s income levels differ significantly, the higher earner makes withdrawals from the Spousal RRSP at a lower tax rate.

Regular Updates – Through member statements, reference materials, and information seminars, you can receive regular updates to help you plan for retirement.

Our Retirement Plans are designed to allow flexibility for each employer. Each plan member can contribute up to the RRSP maximum limits of $22,000. Company contributions are not required but they are encouraged, as contributions from the employer can be an important part of your total compensation strategy to attract and retain employees.


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